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Nest System High Table


+Halle logo
The newest addition to the Nest collection – best known for its high and low sofas – is a modular table that twists and bends and curves throughout the available space. For this striking and impish element, Danish brand +Halle collaborated with Swedish studio Form Us With Love – also featured here for their work with Baux. ‘There is a need for public areas to combine work and everything else,’ explained +Halle creative director Martin Halle. ‘So the solution is a large centre table that does more than just go in a straight line, structuring a playful space for a large group of individuals.’
From the outset, the ‘System Tables’ were designed for the purpose of being flexible enough to withstand change. The high and low tables feature a lock-in, tubular solution, which joins together a growing, perhaps even swaying loop or endlessly configured table. In this way, the system has the opportunity to answer a need for what is to come – duality in stability combined with the ability to grow and shrink if needed.


The Greenhouse Café by Form Us With Love
With an optional integrated electrical plug solution for all markets worldwide, the System Tables are easy to assemble and apply. And suddenly everything is linked: space and the people, coming together in a perfect ensemble.