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CLOVERLEAF In-and-Outdoor


New version of CLOVERLEAF



In 1970 Verner Panton launched a sofa, whose unique idiom, even 46 years later, is a total eye-catcher. That idiom attracts attention, amazes and fascinates to such a degree that the demand for more versions has resulted in the production of a brand new one. This version in hardwearing polyethylene (PE) can be used both outdoors and in. So Verpan have christened it ‘CLOVERLEAF In-and-Outdoor’.


Carefully selected materials

With the guidance and assistance of technicians and engineers, Verpan have manufactured a model in polyethylene. Not only can its UV-resistant surface withstand sun, wind and the changing seasons, it also meets the professional cleaning requirements of the various sectors of the healthcare system. Its tough surface also makes CLOVERLEAF an ideal choice for the hospitality industry or a busy front office.

CLOVERLEAF is made from 100% recyclable material and is engraved with Verner Panton’s signature and the Verpan logo. 



Weather, wind and theft

The polyethylene version of CLOVERLEAF has various ‘towers’ under its rock-hard shell to make it extra solid. If you fill it with water or bolt it to the ground, it becomes so heavy and solid that, as well as withstanding wind and weather, if you position it strategically in relation to doors and windows, it can also serve as an alternative form of anti-theft protection. If CLOVERLEAF is subject to graffiti, the material can also withstand high-pressure cleaning. 

“In other words, the CLOVERLEAF meets all requirements for exteriors, as well as interiors where hygiene and wear & tear are major factors: for example hospitals, education facilities, pool areas and restaurants. It also makes an attractive and practical feature in front of a company head office.”


A one-of-a-kind item of furniture

CLOVERLEAF was conceived as a sprig of clover, meandering and unfolding as it gets longer. In the middle, the seat is divided by a backrest, which wriggles out of the seat. As well as providing the necessary back support, it also shields you from people sitting on the other side. This one-of-a-kind sofa is one of Panton’s masterpieces, which now can be put to outdoor use.

The fact that CLOVERLEAF comprises a left, a right and two middle section, means it can be combined in a myriad of options.